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1.4.17 (180)
BUNCH_DIR available as a variable for conditions and file paths
Fix Xcode warnings
Account for changes in the way Visual Studio Code identifies itself when quitting
Clicking a bunch with modifier keys, e.g. Cmd-Click to edit, wasn’t working
Expand tilde in paths passed to url handler snippet and AppleScript “run snippet”
Outdated images in welcome screen
Sanity check for open every: key, disallow day/times
Add Arc browser prefix (arc:) for browser-specific url
Expand tilde in paths passed to url handler snippet and AppleScript “run snippet”

1.4.16 (177)
Add Arc browser prefix (arc:) for browser-specific url launching
Account for changes in the way Visual Studio Code identifies itself when quitting
Clicking a bunch with modifier keys, e.g. Cmd-Click to edit, wasn’t working

1.4.13 (173)
Failure to recognize a shell script as a binary and then removing the binary from the command

1.4.12 (172)
Recognize multi-word shortcut names
Refreshing bunches lost open state
Failure to load Bunches on first launch
Heredoc shell scripts crashing Bunch

1.4.12 (168)
Bunch remembering to open Bunches that were actually closed before exit

1.4.12 (168)
Bunch remembering to open Bunches that were actually closed before exit

1.4.12 (167)
Crash with displaying a script command window when output is empty
First Bunch open after launch has long delay when Parallel launching is disabled
Interpret /usr/bin/env shebang even when external script is executable

1.4.11 (166)

(hide desktop) command not functioning

Programatically opening System Preferences is broken on Ventura. Best I can currently do is open System Settings, but can’t focus a pane (e.g. Notifications). Keeping an eye on this.
Bunch didn’t recognize symlinks for Bunch folders
Switching between Bunch folders would cause all Bunches to show up in a “Bunches” submenu

1.4.10 (163)
Bunch didn’t recognize symlinks for Bunch folders
Switching between Bunch folders would cause all Bunches to show up in a “Bunches” submenu

1.4.10 (163)
AppleScript commands to copy or save a new Bunch with running apps
Added canary and firefoxdev as browser prefixes
Target specific Chrome profiles using chrome[Profile Name]:http://...
(shortcut NAME) command for running macOS Shortcuts
Fixed variable assignment using shell script heredoc syntax
The (shortcut) command now accepts input and outputs any response for use in variables
Attempt to fix issue where spaces in Bunch directory path caused menu issues or were unable to be selected in the dropdown
Newline character in (shortcut) input
Replace global variables before processing frontmatter conditionals

1.4.9 (148)
/opt/homebrew/bin is now included in the default path for M1 users using shell scripting
Allow closing all Finder windows with XX (and on close with !!Finder)

1.4.8 (143)
Variable keys passed from URL handler were running into case sensitivity issues
When launching or quitting a tag, %\tag was not ignoring the action on close
Don’t inherit tags when nesting Bunches
Variables defined in a snippet call file line work with conditional logic within the snippet
Allow retries when sending AppleScript commands for things like
Ensure relaunch of Finder after hiding/showing desktop icons
Modifier key mismatch in Select Editor tooltip

1.4.7 (139)
Variable keys passed from URL handler were running into case sensitivity issues

1.4.7 (139)
Variable keys passed from URL handler were running into case sensitivity issues

(quit everything except …) command to quit all running Dock apps (with an optional exception list) (documentation)
“file PATH contains” logic condition to check file contents for text string
“file PATH exists” logic condition
“title prefix” frontmatter applies a string before the Bunch, or all affected Bunches if used in @tag/folder.frontmatter
“ignore if/unless” frontmatter can control whether a Bunch displays in the menu. Accepts UUID or any logic condition recognized by Bunch
“schedule if/unless” now accepts any logic condition. Instead of a trigger file like it had, use file TRIGGER_FILE exists.
Fix an error with opening files in apps called by bundle identifier
Long directory names breaking preference window layout (#148)
Calling “toggle” via URL handler not respecting single bunch mode (#149)
Crash when completing script with error on Bunch close (#152)


Fancy new icon design by Felippe van Eekhout

Add “Untagged” submenu to tags menu
Refresh all browsers AppleScript command
Add “Untagged” submenu to tags menu
Heredoc support for shell commands
Snippet syntax support for script lines ($ <file#fragment)
Heredoc support for variable assignments
Snippet syntax support for variable assignment (var = <file#fragment)
Submenu with bunches listed by tag
AppleScript “open/close/toggle/list bunches tagged”
URL handler for open/close/toggle commands accepts “tag=X” as optional replacement for “bunch=X”
Move tag menus into section of main menu instead of Tags submenu
Allow (display) and ~delay syntax for heredoc scripts
Move tag menus into section of main menu instead of Tags submenu
Variable placeholders no longer require removing spaces from variable names
Better truncation of long script paths/names in running scripts menu
Don’t register var_name = ${old_var} as a shell script assignment
Remove “tag:” key from folder frontmatter
Action buttons on script error dialogs not opening Bunch Log
Remove single and double quotes from ends of frontmatter values

Create menus from YAML, JSON, text, or executable script files (Documentation)
Better replacement of variable placeholders that are populated mid-stream
Rewrite of Do Not Disturb handling on Big Sur and later
Improved variable (re)assignment inside of conditional logic blocks
Fix case sensitivity when replacing variable placeholders

Reversible commands not reversing when closing a bunch
Do Not Disturb not disabling
If Bunches are open when changing the “Toggle Bunches” preference to OFF, register them as closed so they can be opened again
If a Bunch is open when it’s changed to toggles: false, reset its open state so it can be opened again
If a multiple choice dialog sets a variable in an opens-only Bunch, reset the variable after opening so the dialog appears again next time

Allow variable placeholders in “run before/after” frontmatter scripts
Allow Coherence X apps to function properly if referred to by bundle identifier (e.g. com.BZG.CoherenceMyApp)
Remove superfluous log statements
Empty comment lines stopping processing

1.4.0 (β110)
Attempt to quit an app even if it’s not immediately located among running apps
Don’t convert app name to value of localizedName property, fixes issues with iTerm. Trying too hard is detrimental, apparently.
Don’t automatically quit Finder if included in a Bunch

1.4.0 (β109)

Allow !!!Triple Negative to quit an app when closing a Bunch without launching on open

space:all parameter for (display) command to cause a display window to join all spaces
Special handling for “FileMaker Pro 18 Advanced”
Switch to using mdfind as backup app locator
Convert some Info-level log messages to Debug-level for cleaner log output

1.4.0 (β108)

Frontmatter keys for running scripts before/after opening a Bunch, and before/after closing

Variables can hold values with newlines
Perform pre-defined transformations on variable values (url encode, shell escape, raw newlines, newlines for typed strings)
Percent encode newlines
Do some translating on built-in frontmatter keys to allow for some variations in syntax
URL encoding of variables now encodes question marks and other symbols not allowed in URL paths
Limit length of info logging messages to 50 characters
Process variable assignments in document order
Process variable assignment dialogs inline with other variables, allowing dynamically-assigned variables to be used in dialogs
Remove Bunch-specific frontmatter keys from variables passed to Waiting Snippets
Prevent backslash escapes from disappearing from values during variable assignment
Don’t change case when logging commands
Make variables available prior to processing shell script variable assignments

1.4.0 (β107)
Breaking change: fragment ID syntax no longer accepts a single dash before the square brackets, must have at least 2 or use a different symbol
Everything after closing square bracket in fragment id lines is ignored
Whitespace is allowed anywhere in a fragment id line, as long as the first character is one of the accepted divider symbols (#->=)
Fragment id divider syntax now accepts > and = as divider lines
Better searching for apps NSWorkspace doesn’t recognize as apps by name
If Bunch Item type is Unknown, consider it an app name that wasn’t found and make an attempt to launch it anyway
if VarName condition with no operator will return true if VarName is defined and contains ANY content other than false or no.
Make if VarName conditions case insensitive
Process snippets within conditions

1.4.0 (β105)
Walk back change to force-hiding apps before @focus lines

1.4.0 (β104)
Add AppName syntax to indicate an app should activate/foreground on launch. By default apps now won’t activate, unless they’re receiving keystrokes
(hide/show menu bar) command
Allow #clear as window background color
Use better async app launch method on 10.15+
Slightly more reliable hiding and focusing of apps, including forcing any apps before an @focus line to launch hidden (previously just relied on activateHidingOthers)
Better formatting of long scripts in Running Scripts menu
Allow setting actual window background color for (display) windows
A Bunch with no frontmatter or non-comment items in the Bunch folder was causing the entire menu to be empty
Remove Bunch default keys from frontmatter when inherited by child Bunches (launched by another Bunch)
(input source) command now performs all actions on main thread (crasher)

1.4.0 (β103)
Allow #clear as a background color for Quick Look display windows
Allow migration of Bunch Beta prefs back to stable channel
Add (hide menu bar) command

1.4.0 (β102)
Variables set in parent Bunch are now available to Waiting Snippets
Allow HTML display command to handle non-HTTP url schemes
Fixes for Example Bunch

1.4.0 (β101)
Special handling for Visual Studio Code when attempting to quit the app
(input source XXX) command to switch keyboard input source
Change “Clear Checkmarks” shortcut to Control-Option-Command-R
Don’t trigger screen commands on wake from sleep if parent Bunch isn’t open
Create checkbox dialogs to handle optional launching of multiple apps/snippets in one dialog
Present dialogs in the order they’re listed in the Bunch

1.4.0 (β99)
Running an AppleScript file with a * line wasn’t actually running anything

1.4.0 (β98)
If/Else logic parsing
Allow direct key = value variable assignment in snippets.
Direct variable assignments are parsed before snippets are loaded
If/then blocks can set/change variables before next block is processed
All Snippets (including Waiting Snippets) inherit their parent’s frontmatter so variables carry forward
Allow global variable assignments that persist across launches and are available in all Bunches
Don’t parse = in URLs as a variable assignment
Notification issue when assigning a variable with an AppleScript and the script fails
from script variable assignments becoming empty
Allow spaces and underscores in var = $ script assignments
Variable placeholders don’t have to be lowercased to match
If processing a script as AppleScript fails, attempt to execute as shell script (JXA scripts executed with * script items return error)
Allow arguments to be passed when assigning variables with script results
Don’t strip underscores from variable keys in key_name = $"Query" assignments
Bug with running AppleScript commands in serial execution

1.4.0 (β93)
Reduce error messages in log (move to debug level)
Handle 2 and 3-character app names (sorry VLC)

1.4.0 (β92)
Handle edge case where running applications includes an app that doesn’t return an app name
Error checking for string manipulation functions

1.4.0 (β91)
Url handler method for opening Preference pane in the GUI (x-bunch://prefs)
Add user agent setting to HTML display windows to allow forcing Desktop or Mobile views regardless of window size (ua:desktop)
Fully activate an app when @focusing it
Update all internal links to point to
Replace deprecated preference storage methods
Spelling error in preferences (Thanks Jay)
Directly close preference view rather than relying on a notification

1.4.0 (β88)
Only run interactive dialogs to assign a variable if the variable isn’t already defined (allow frontmatter to override dialogs)
Remove “Working” highlight on menu item after 10 seconds as a fallback
Crash caused by (notify) command

1.4.0 (β87)
Double trimming brackets on on-quit commands
Edge case where canceling a multiple choice dialog left Bunch with an empty string

1.4.0 (β86)
Stop stripping underscores from variable names. Why did I think that was a good idea? I forget.
Assigning variables from dialogs when no frontmatter has previously been defined
Null logging when frontmatter wasn’t changed
Don’t let a Bunch quit itself in Single Bunch Mode when forced open from the menu

1.4.0 (β85)
Subfolder name appearing in menu item titles
URL handler calling open or close wasn’t ignoring current state

1.4.0 (β84)
get preference [key] AppleScript command for retrieving various preference settings
list open bunches AppleScript command to list only open Bunches
list bunches returns an AppleScript list instead of a string
Remove some frivolous debug logging statements. It’s the economy.
10 second timeout for actions in sequential execution mode. The economy again.
When calling other Bunches via Bunches or handlers, allow matching subfolder and Bunch by display titles or any combination of title and display title
Allow Bunches with the same name in different subfolders
Include subfolder in log identifier
All Bunch name matching is case insensitive
Code refactoring to do a better job of catching bugs early

1.4.0 (β83)
!X syntax for inserting pauses in key commands and typed strings
(display) command accepts chrome:none for windows with no title bar or buttons
Force apps to foreground before sending key combos
Pause Bunch item processing while sending key commands for better consistency
Bring all windows to foreground when Unhiding All Windows
Automatically resolve tildes (~) in shell command arguments to user’s home directory
Waiting Snippet waits for up to 10 seconds for presence of main window before considering an app launched.

1.4.0 (β82)
Display and screen command, UUID matching for selective scheduling, various fixes
(display) command parameters can now be in any order. This involved some changes to the syntax, please see the documentation.
New (screen) command for creating a full-screen, solid color window with optional transparency for hiding all windows below it. See docs for usage.
Support for schedule if and schedule unless frontmatter for excluding Macs from scheduling based on trigger file or UUID
startup frontmatter can be one or more UUIDs to start only on matching Macs
startup unless frontmatter can be one or more UUIDs
Copy UUID button in preferences for use with schedule if, schedule unless, and startup
Bunches can be organized in subfolders, which will create submenus in the main Bunch menu
Allow folder.frontmatter to set properties of submenu
Allow folder.frontmatter to pass keys to all Bunches in a subfolder
Rename Save to Done in Preferences
More complete emoji handling
Add keyboard shortcut for Open Log (⇧⌘L)
Wait for Bunch commands and script items when executing sequentially
Regression in schedule handling
Fixes for changing Bunch Folder preferences and storing recents

1.4.0 (β80)
If a background color is set for a display text file but no foreground, pick a contrasting color
If a background color is specified for text or HTML display windows, change the window to dark mode appearance if the color is less than 50% brightness
Enable edit menu commands (copy/paste/etc.) in display commands windows
Don’t cut top off scrolling quick look previews
Allow text preview/file watching of any file with a text mime-type, not just .txt and .log
Ensure all window updates happen on the main thread
Quick Look windows via display command set to wallpaper level were empty

1.4.0 (β80)
Set variables with script results
Remove option to run in Dock

1.4.0 (β79)
Extra .01s delay when sending key combos to improve app responsiveness in some cases
Complete refactoring to make “Bunch Items” their own custom object
Move what can be truly executed in the background from async on main thread to a background thread
Give Quick Look previews in display command their own positionable window
Window titles for text and html display windows
Attempt to fix Preference layout on 10.13
Open-only Bunches not launching

1.4.0 (β78)
Quick fix to clean up some debug logging

1.4.0 (β77)
Major overhaul of shell command runner
Task monitors for shell scripts launched by a Bunch
(display) command for positionable floating windows containing local HTML, web sites, text or log files, or other file types as Quick Look previews
Specify multiple days/times in scheduling frontmatter, e.g. open on: M W F 8am, T Th 10am
Assign a global keyboard shortcut for opening Bunch menu in menu bar mode
Assign keyboard shortcuts for each Bunch using shortcut: frontmatter
More keyboard shortcuts for internal commands
Make default keyboard shortcuts for opening Bunches single numbers without modifiers (like ⌘)
Use ${variables} inside of Bunches (like you would in Snippets), populated by frontmatter keys or manually when calling a Bunch from a Bunch. Documentation
ignores state: frontmatter to allow open bunches to reopen, closed bunches to re-close
Command-Option click to force close (menu bar mode)
Command-Shift click to force open (menu bar mode)
Header on Bunch menu shows what action modifier key clicks will perform (menu bar mode)
Remove “Close Items In” menu in menu bar mode in favor of Command-Option click
menu divider frontmatter key that adds a menu separator before or after the Bunch in the menu` the Bunch in the menu
Allow sending global keyboard shortcuts (not tied to specific app)
URL handler reveal method
URL handler edit method
URL handler can now match display titles as defined in frontmatter (case insensitive, emoji insensitive) when specifying Bunches
Add Accessibility Permission screen to startup splash
Add Accessibility Permission button to preferences with observer for current state
Persist NSTask for caffeinate command (awake) so it can be terminated without killall
Default Bunch Editor preference to TextEdit so there’s something assigned during setup
Add Hide/Unhide All Windows option in menu bar mode
Set default notification style to Alerts automatically
“Working” state for status bar item (yellow), toggled for long-running scripts, when waiting for input or counting down to scheduled open/close
Rename “Set” to “Add” in Bunch Folder preferences
Gentler watching of Bunch folder for changes, more thorough refresh
Light up status item (green) to notify that changes have been detected in the Bunch folder
Notifications Preferences shortcuts in preferences
Default to menu bar application, show Dock if preferred
Reduce transparency on preference window to improve legibility
Better image/text contrast for Welcome splash and Preferences
file watchers not deallocating
Don’t make preference window float above all other windows if running in Dock mode
allow Bunch main menu to appear when run in Dock Mode
Remove notification and stop timer when countdown clicked
F1-F12 not working as {keyboard combos}

Process variables before importing snippets so that placeholders can be used for snippet fragments (<snippet#${fragmentvar})

Keyboard focus for popups buttons and text fields in interactive dialogs
Scheduled open/close being invalidated after opening
Allow keyboard focus for popup buttons and text fields in interactive dialogs
Shell scripts in sequential mode fully wait for previous task to complete
Close Items in wouldn’t close if the Bunch wasn’t open, now forces

1.4.0 (β75)
Fix for preferences not being dismissed

1.4.0 (β74)
Added welcome splash sequence
Added a Preference pane
Added new formats for comments, // and block comments /* ... */
Allow comments on same line as Bunch items
Fixed infinite loop if referenced snippet file is not found
Accept more Unicode characters in key combo strings (, , , etc.)
Slow down automated typing by a couple milliseconds/key stroke
“Bunch Editor” preference
Allow Command-Clicking an app in the menu to open it in an editor
You can now assign variables on the fly using dialogs (text, popup button)
Add % for Hyper key as a modifier key in key combo strings
Activate all windows of target app before sending keystrokes
Bear with me… if a Bunch opens another Bunch when it closes, don’t quit apps that the other Bunch opens anyway
Run all keystroke sequences on main thread, improved reliability and no crashes
Multiple issues affecting marking Bunches open/closed in the controller
Do a full close of open Bunches (including re-opening !closed Bunches) when switching in Single Bunch Mode
Handling of !!Bunch.bunch launch-on-close
Default url handler x-success delay to 1 instead of 5
Allow multiple files (comma separated) when calling snippet url handler
Allow fragments to be called per file in url snippet handler using hashes (encoded as %23)
Descriptive titles for URL Handler calls in log
Watch from file: frontmatter files and automatically refresh the Bunch when changed
URL handler for open, close, and toggle allows multiple target Bunches separated by comma
Allow url handler to set arbitrary frontmatter keys using query string
Bunches with schedules now have tooltips on hover showing next open/close time
Fixed Raw URL handler not processing raw text
Ignore frontmatter lines with empty key or value
Fixed scheduled dates in logs off by 15 seconds
Various glitches with Bunch scheduling
Close Items In… menu not working
Fix for delayed launches in parallel Bunches (~5)

1.4.0 (β72)
Complete rewrite of keystroke functionality for macOS 10.15+

1.4.0 (β71)
Fixed @Focused apps failing to quit

1.4.0 (β70)
You can now type strings within key combo syntax by surrounding with double quotes, e.g. {@n (tab)3 "typing an email\\n\\n-Brett" @$d}
More interactivity with multiple-choice dialogs and snippet branching
Restored missing “Launch Items in Parallel” preference

1.4.0 (β69)
Better handling of Accessibility permissions requests
(stay awake) command to keep Mac awake while a Bunch is open (or for a set period of time , e.g. (stay awake 60)) [documentation]
Fixed menu ordering for real
toggles: false frontmatter key to only allow a Bunch to open, never close, not affecting the state of apps it contains or the menu. [documentation]
quits apps: always frontmatter key to allow a Bunch to quit apps even if they’re open in other Bunches [documentation]
“Quit Apps Open in Other Bunches” preference, global version of quits apps: always frontmatter [documentation]
If app can’t be activated, send a launch signal
Better “close all windows” handling for XX lines
If natural language interval has no s, m, h, or d, assume seconds (e.g. (sleep 120) assumes (sleep 120s))
For real fixed menu ordering

1.4.0 (β68)
Syntax for opening Finder windows in tabs
single bunch mode: ignore frontmatter key to exclude a Bunch from be affected by Single Bunch Mode
Menu ordering fixed
Force dialogs to remain above other app’s windows
Fix hang when hiding all apps

1.4.0 (β67)
“New Bunch With Open Apps” command
Option to execute Bunch items in parallel (all at once)
“Recent Bunch Folders” in Preferences submenu
Better log messages for shell script errors
Move initial Bunch Folder location to ~/Documents/Bunches
Change wording of menu item from “Quit Apps In…” to “Close Items in…”
Changed “No” button in Optional Snippets dialog to “Cancel” so Escape key works
Offer relaunch dialog if log detail level is changed
Sort preferences in Bunch menu in Dock mode
%{} variable placeholder url encodes replacement
$BUNCH_PHASE environment variable for shell scripts to determine whether the Bunch is opening or closing
Improved: shell script parsing and execution
Fixed: Users couldn’t set log level to Debug
Offer “relaunch” dialog if log level is changed
?"Optional Snippet" queries now work with on-close !<Snippets too
Repeating syntax for key commands {@n (right)10}
Ask the user if they want to close open Bunches when switching to a new Bunch folder

1.4.0 (β66)
Allow frontmatter from script to wait for input, allowing scripts with dialogs
Only run frontmatter from script when opening, not when pre-loading tasks
Allow startup frontmatter to accept value of ask, offer yes/no dialog before loading
Better error handling for recursive nesting (Bunchception)

1.4.0 (β65)
Sort menu by display title (ignoring emoji)
“menu order” frontmatter to force menu display order

1.4.0 (β62)
Don’t lowercase notify command text

1.4.0 (β61)
Introduced frontmatter
Change menu display title with frontmatter
Set arbitrary snippet variables with frontmatter
“from script” and “from file” allow dynamic frontmatter
Mark a Bunch as a startup bunch with frontmatter
Schedule bunches to open and close at specified days and times using frontmatter
Tag search for files to open
Full Spotlight search for files to open
Launch files in their default app by using “Default” as app name
(notify) command to trigger notification center
(sleep) commands (sleep, sleep display, sleep screensaver)
Indent snippets 4 spaces/1 tab to have them wait for all apps in the Bunch to launch or quit
< snippets can have a delay ~5
!< snippets will run on close
!< snippets can have a delay ~5
« Embedded snippets
Bunch Log with customizable log levels
Detect shebang and execute appropriate binary for non-executable shell scripts
Attempt at smarter app hiding
Update example Bunch
New features for the Bunch CLI, including “load as snippet” and interactive Bunch URL
Smarter shell script loading, better script shebang handling, binary detection
Documentation updates

Preference option to restore previously open Bunches when launching
Close launched Bunches when closing Bunch
Use !Name.bunch to close a bunch within a Bunch
Avoid infinite loops when opening/closing Bunches within Bunches (a Bunch can’t call itself)

New snippet url method (see docs)
New x-success and x-delay parameters for all URL methods
New AppleScript method run snippet to mirror url handler
Allow default values for variables (${var:default})
Don’t freak out if variable placeholders are included in snippets but values are not provided when importing

Bugfix release

Launch Bunches on startup with *.startup files
On/Off images for Bunches in menu bar mode
Allow Bunches to be launched like applications
If a Bunch is launched by another Bunch, affect its check mark
Keyboard shortcuts in menu bar menu
Snippet files not found when they absolutely do exist
Better handling if a fragment isn’t matched
When a Bunch causes errors, gracefully ignore and continue processing other bunches

Update help links to new mini-site

Handle Do Not Disturb commands on Big Sur
Add syntax for confirm dialog when loading snippets, e.g. <test.snippet ?"Load this snippet?"
Allow Option-click on checked Bunch to clear check mark
AppleScript command “process text” to process raw Bunch commands

Fix for delayed apps not quitting on close

Better at maintaining “open” check marks
Reduce delay when storing and changing wallpaper
Add option to delay a launch or command with ~X at the end of line
Big Sur Dock Icon

add (audio mute) and (audio unmute) commands
allow separate input/output muting and volume commands
improved method for setting output volume

Allow !! to launch apps when closing a Bunch
Better error handling for unreadable Bunch files
Allow sections in snippets that can be called individually

New audio commands for switching inputs, outputs, and setting volume

Fix for issues when changing Bunch Folder preference

Add Microsoft Edge to browser-specific url options

Allow URLs to be opened in a specific browser.

Change escape codes for up and down from “\\p” and “\\n” to “\\u” and “\\d”
Add \\h delete, \\a home, \\e end escape codes
Allow leading and trailing space for [ typed string ] commands
Allow system key names in key commands, e.g. {@up}
Allow Unicode characters for arrow keys, e.g. {@↑}
Allow hyphenated long-form commands, e.g. {opt-left opt-left cmd-shift-up}
Make about panel appear in foreground when running in menu bar mode

(wallpaper [path]) command to specify desktop images

Ability to import “snippets” with variables for repeatable bunch actions

$BUNCH_DND environment variable for shell scripts, shows current Do Not Disturb state
$BUNCH_DOCK environment variable for shell scripts, shows current Dock visibility
$BUNCH_DESKTOP_ICONS environment variable for shell scripts, shows whether Desktop icons are visible

Send key commands using {@~w} in app file params
Type key sequences using [type this out] in app file params
Improve hiding all apps (@@)

New commands dark mode and dark mode off
Optimizations and fixes

Run commands when closing a Bunch: !(hide dock)
Dock positioning commands: !(dock [left|right|bottom])
Launch At Login preference handling
Fixes Dock show/hide commands being reversed

Better reporting for Workflow errors
More dependable implementation for “@@” (hide all apps)

Fix for AppleScript “Corrupted Dictionary” errors

AppleScript improvements that will be invisible to the naked eye. Or really any end user.
Donate button twice in the menu bar version. Nobody needs that much prodding. I mean, you’re going to pitch in or you’re not, right?

Bunch can be automated with AppleScript
URL method setPrefs to change certain preferences from script
Bind bunch menu item states to a property so they’re always up-to-date

Additional environment variables for shell scripts
Updated Example.bunch with all the latest goodness
A script line (*&$) preceded by ! will only run that script when closing the Bunch
Status item submenu with Check For Updates (and Donate)

Preferences->”Run in Menu Bar” option
Preferences->”Launch at Login” option

Use & workflowname to run automator workflows
Use $ shell command to run shell scripts/commands
Menu command to clear check marks in toggle/single bunch mode (force launched Bunches to launch again)
Url method raw for directly loading any Bunch-formatted file or directly passing bunch commands as a string
(dnd on) and (dnd off) commands for Do Not Disturb
Watch bunch folder for changes and refresh automatically
Opening or closing a Bunch via url command now toggles launched state in Dock menu when Toggle Bunches is active

Add close method to url handler
Add toggle method to url handler
Allow url handler methods to toggle Bunch state in Dock Menu
Show an alert when commands fail to make it easier to diagnose and fix Bunches
Add LaunchBar, Alfred, and CLI scripts to documentation

Add percent (%) before app name to ignore it when closing a Bunch
Add XX as a filename to close all windows for the app\
Desktop icons commands: (hide desktop) and (show desktop)

Toggle Bunches mode, check mark opened Bunches, click check marked Bunch to close
Single Bunch Mode
Quit Apps in Bunch… submenu
Bunch commands (hide dock) (show dock)

@@ alone on a line will hide all apps

New URL handler x-bunch:
Ability to change location of Bunches folder

Allow URL schemes (in addition to HTTP)
Test if app is running or hidden before launching, hiding, quitting
Use NSWorkspace instead of AppleScript where possible
Allow _ suffix to hide app (experimental)

Add @focus syntax
Add *AppleScript syntax

Improve launch speed
Allow ![app name] to quit an app
Build for older macOS versions
Sort Bunches alphabetically in Dock menu

Remove cruft from app menus
Add “Show Bunches in Finder” to Dock and File menus