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LaunchBar and Alfred

Despite Bunch’s own keyboard shortcuts, you may want to integrate with your favorite launcher. There are a couple of existing options.


I’ve added a LaunchBar action for Bunch, which you can find on the download page. Download, unzip it, then double click the unzipped action to install.

Selecting the Bunch action in LaunchBar and pressing return will list your available Bunches. If you have “Toggle Bunches” enabled, selecting a Bunch from the list will toggle it (quitting apps if it’s already been opened), otherwise it will simply open the Bunch. Each Bunch in the menu will also have a submenu you can access by pressing the right arrow which contains the actions (open, close, toggle) that aren’t the default action.

Holding modifier keys when opening the action changes the default methods for that run:

  • Ctrl: close Bunches
  • Command: toggle Bunches
  • Shift: open Bunches

See “Better Bunch for LaunchBar” for the latest changes to the Action.


Jay Miller has created an Alfred action for use with Bunch.