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IDE Packages

Sublime Text

A Sublime Text package for Bunch is available.

  • Syntax highlighting for Bunch files and Snippets
  • Light and Dark themes
  • Completions for Bunch commands
  • Completions for any app name on your system
  • Completions for frontmatter keys
  • Navigate snippet fragments with ⌘R

The package is hosted on GitHub, but is most easily installed using Package Control. Open the command palette, run Package Control: Install Package, and search for “Bunch.”


Kotfu created a TextMate bundle which includes:

  • Syntax highlighting for Bunch files and Snippets
  • Completions for Bunch commands
  • Completion for any installed application name
  • Completion for frontmatter keys

Visual Studio Code

Kotfu also created a Bunch extension for Visual Studio Code which is available in the Visual Studio Code Marketplace. When you open a bunch file in Visual Studio Code you will be prompted you to install the extension. To install the extension manually:

  • Launch Visual Studio Code
  • Click the “Extensions” button in the sidebar
  • Search for “Bunch” and click on the one with the icon showing the bunch of grapes
  • Click “Install”

Visual Studio Code will keep the extension updated as new versions are released.

This extension includes:

  • Syntax highlighting for Bunch files and Snippets

The source code is available on GitHub.

Contributions Welcome

If you’d like to add support for Bunch files to your favorite editor or IDE, your contribution would be greatly appreciated.