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Opening URLs

If you want to open web pages as part of a Bunch, you can just put a URL at the beginning of a line (like you would an app) and that URL will be opened in your default browser. If the URL is a URL scheme for an installed app, it will be executed as if called from a link or via the open command.

Opening URLs in a Specific Browser

If you want to open a url in a specific browser, you can use prefixes before the url. Examples:


The recognized browser prefixes are:

  • brave:
  • chrome: (Google Chrome)
  • edge: (Microsoft Edge)
  • firefox:
  • opera:
  • safari:
  • tor: (TorBrowser)
  • vivaldi:

In most cases, you can also send a URL as a file to a browser and it will open it properly, as in:


Sending GET/POST Requests

Some URLs, such as webhook triggers, are meant to be pinged but not opened in your browser. To accomplish this with Bunch, you can use the curl command in a shell script item. See Home Automation for examples of sending GET requests using curl.