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Integrating with BetterTouchTool

BetterTouchTool is an amazing automation utility for building actions for your trackpad, keyboard, touch bar, and more. It’s available via Setapp and as a standalone purchase. It also happens to have a fully-fledged url scheme that can be used to trigger actions, save and set variables, and even things like updating text in your touch bar or displaying webviews and HUDs.

Triggering BetterTouchTool from Bunch

Possibilities include adding mouse movement and click actions to your Bunches, positioning and sizing windows, controlling music players, connecting/disconnecting Bluetooth devices, modifying system settings that Bunch doesn’t handle, and more, all without having to write scripts (although scripting is also an option).

See the BetterTouchTool URL handler documentation to see what’s possible. When you’re ready to trigger an action from your Bunch, it’s as easy as dropping a URL into your Bunch file.

You can click any action and choose “Copy Link to Activate Trigger” to get a URL ready to paste directly into your Bunch. It will look like:


To trigger a named trigger:


You can also control BetterTouchTool with its extensive AppleScript library, if you prefer. Just be sure to enable external scripting in Preferences->General.

Triggering Bunch from BetterTouchTool

You can also use BetterTouchTool to add system tools that trigger Bunches outside of the Bunch menu. Whether it’s assigning a Bunch trigger to a gesture, or adding Touch Bar icons for Bunches to your MacBook Pro, BetterTouchTool makes it easy.

Just add the type of trigger you want, then assign an Execute Shell Script action to it, using open '[BUNCH URL]', using the Bunch URL handler to act on the desired Bunch. (Using the Execute Shell Script action instead of Open URL prevents BetterTouchTool from first opening your default browser.)