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The Bunch CLI

The latest version is Bunch CLI v1.1.14.

If using Bunch Beta, use the pre-release version of the CLI: gem install bunchcli --pre.

Install the Bunch CLI using gem install bunchcli.

Installing the gem provides the executable bunch, which should now be in your path.

Run bunch -h for usage instructions.

CLI for v1.1.14
    -l, --list                       List available Bunches
    -s, --show BUNCH                 Show contents of Bunch
    -o, --open                       Open Bunch ignoring "Toggle Bunches" preference
    -c, --close                      Close Bunch ignoring "Toggle Bunches" preference
    -t, --toggle                     Toggle Bunch ignoring "Toggle Bunches" preference
        --snippet                    Load as snippet
        --fragment=FRAGMENT          Run a specific section
        --vars=VARS                  Variables to pass to a snippet, comma-separated
        --pref                       Set a preference. Run without argument to list available preferences.
    -u, --url                        Output URL instead of opening
    -i, --interactive                Interactively generate a Bunch url
        --show-config                Display all configuration values
        --show-config-key KEY        Display a config value [dir, toggle, method]
    -f, --force-refresh              Force refresh cached preferences
    -h, --help                       Display this screen
    -v, --version                    Display Bunch version

Usage: bunch [options] BUNCH_NAME|PATH_TO_FILE

Bunch names are case insensitive and will execute shortest match
Use 'bunch -h' to display options


# Open or Toggle Coding.bunch
bunch Coding

# Force open Coding.bunch
bunch -o Coding

The command line tool can also be used to generate Bunch URLs for use in other applications. To output any command as a URL instead of executing it, add -u:

bunch -o Coding -u

To generate a URL interactively, run:

bunch -i