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Launching After A Delay

You can have an app, script, or command execute after a delay by adding a tilde immediately followed by a number (integer) at the end of the line. For example, to wait 5 seconds before executing an AppleScript, you would use:

* say "I've been waiting for you" ~5

The delay only applies to the line it’s on, it doesn’t delay the processing of lines after it. Anything without a delay specified will launch immediately.

Delaying Groups

You can use snippets to delay groups of items. Just put the items into a snippet file (or an embedded snippet) and add the tilde+number.

< example.snippets ~5

You can also put a delay on snippets that run when the Bunch closes, triggered X seconds after closing the Bunch:

!< example.snippets ~5

See the Snippets documentation to learn how to have snippets wait until apps have finished launching.

Delay Command

You can also insert delays as commands. This only works when the Bunch’s execution sequence is set to sequential (or Parallel execution is disabled entirely in Preferences).

To pause a Bunch before opening remaining items, use (pause X), where X is a number of seconds to wait (must be a whole, positive integer). You can also use (delay X), which is a synonym for pause.

Affinity Publisher
(pause 15)
& MyWorkflow

This will launch Affinity Publisher, then wait 15 seconds. The Bunch menu will be inaccessible during this time, but Affinity Publisher (and any apps/scripts/commands before the pause command) will continue to launch. After 15 seconds, processing will continue, starting with the execution of MyWorkflow.

You can also insert pauses between file lines:

- My first file.txt
- [type some stuff]
- (delay 5)
- My second file.txt