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Running Scripts Only When Closing a Bunch

If you precede any script lines (starting with *, &, or $) with an exclamation point, that script will be ignored when opening a Bunch and instead run only when the Bunch is closed. Here’s an example that uses the same script with different arguments for open and quit:

# Run this when opening the Bunch
$ ~/scripts/ open
- STATUS=opening

# Run this when closing the bunch
!$ ~/scripts/ close
- STATUS=closing

The same works for commands. To run a command when a Bunch closes, use:

!(hide dock)

Launching Multiple Items on Close

You can also set an entire snippet to open when the Bunch closes using the same syntax. Just use !< to have the contents of that snippet or snippet fragment load when the Bunch is closed.

!<<#On Close
#[On Close]
* tell application "Moom" to arrange windows according to snapshot "Comms"

Launch an App When Closing

Note that in the case of apps, a single exclamation point (!AppName) quits the app rather than performing an action on close. Bunch doesn’t automatically relaunch apps that are quit this way; you have to explicitly instruct it with !! (a double negative).

The following will force quit Dropbox when opening the Bunch, and then restart it when closing.

$ killall Dropbox

To quit Twitter when opening the Bunch, then re-launch it on close: