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Home Automation

Bunch doesn’t have any built in tools for home automation integration, but depending on your setup, you can still control just about any device from within a Bunch.

Home Automation with Indigo

If you use Indigo, there’s a whole REST API available that you can incorporate using URLs. You can also use AppleScripts that you can call using * lines in your Bunch.

Example REST call to turn my office lights on to 100%:

$ curl 'http:​//'

Using curl and a shell command prevents Bunch from trying to open the URL in the browser, performing the HTTP GET request in the background. You can also use curl to perform POST requests, add headers and body content, and anything else you need to do.


Like the Indigo automation, you can set up IFTTT applets to respond to Webhooks and call them with curl. You’ll need your Maker key, which you can get when you’re signed in: visit this link, and click “Documentation.” Create a new applet with a Webhook for the “If”, give it an event name, and add your “Then” actions. Your URL will look like:

$ curl -X POST https:​//

HomeKit and Shortcuts

You can invoke any Shortcut in a Bunch by name using the shortcut command:

(shortcut Shortcut Name)

Shortcuts can control HomeKit devices, which means you can use the Shortcuts app to add home automation to a Bunch.


If you have a home automation system that’s scriptable, I’d love to include details here. Please pop into the Discussions and let me know.