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Shortcut Command

Trigger a macOS Shortcut by name. The name is case insensitive and fuzzy matched, the only requirement is that it start with the correct letter and all remaining characters are within two positions of each other in the actual shortcut name. Partial names are OK, the shortest matching Shortcut will be selected.

A Shortcut with matching name must exist in the Shortcuts app in order to be triggered by a Bunch. That’s obvious, right?


// works with `sc`, `short`, and `shortcut` as the command
(sc Work Mode)
!(sc work mode off) // or (shortcut work mode off)


You can pass input to a shortcut by including text in double quotes after the shortcut name. This can include variables, but must be wrapped in quotes.

Any output returned by the shortcut can be assigned to a variable. Your shortcut must include a “Stop and output” action that returns a value.


result = (shortcut SearchLink "!g ${LinkText}")