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Integrating with MailMate

You can use MailMate for sending automated emails. There’s a utility included with MailMate called emate. To install it, run:

ln -s /Applications/ /usr/local/bin/

Then in a Bunch, you can call it to send an email, substituting variables to allow dynamic emails.

By default the emate command will create the email and open the Compose window, ready to send. To send the email immediately without interaction, include the flag --send-now.

To have the contents processed as Markdown, include the flag --header "#markup: markdown".

A Bunch script item might look like this:

// Dropdown selection for recipient email
recipient = ?[,,]
// Text input for email subject
subject = ?"What email subject?"

$ echo -e "# Just Testing\n\n- See how this goes\n- Should make a Markdown list\n"|/usr/local/bin/emate mailto --to "${recipient}" -f "" --subject "${subject}" --header "#markup: markdown" --send-now