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Getting Bunch Preferences in a Script

There are several ways to access Bunch’s preferences from scripts. The most useful preference to get to is the location of your current Bunch Folder, but you may have cause to check other settings.

Using AppleScript

Lastly, you can retrieve some settings via AppleScript:

tell application "Bunch" to get preference "Bunch Folder"

See the AppleScript documentation for more details.

Using the Command Line Tool

You can also use the Bunch CLI to query specific keys.

$ bunch --show-config-key dir

$ bunch --show-config-key toggle

Using the defaults Command

You can access various preferences from the command line using defaults. The following will return the current location of your Bunch files:

defaults read com.brettterpstra.bunch configDir

Getting a list of available bunches is as easy as doing an ls *.bunch on that folder.

You can also check the “Toggle Bunches” and “Single Bunch Mode” settings:

defaults read com.brettterpstra.bunch toggleBunches
defaults read com.brettterpstra.bunch singleBunchMode