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Welcome to the Bunch Documentation!

Bunch is a little macOS utility that sits in your menu bar. It doesn’t have any windows. When you click the menu item, it gives you a list of “Bunches” you can select from, each one launching a group of applications that you configure. Bunches are just easily-edited text files which can be configured to open apps, specific files in an app, and even web pages in your default browser. For the Power Users, It also allows advanced scripting, system commands, and integration via URL handler.

I wrote Bunch because I tend to launch a specific group of apps depending on the context I’m working in. These are apps I wouldn’t launch on login, and don’t need running all the time. I just wanted to make starting a new context into one click. It started with little Script Editor and Automator applets, but I found I wanted something easily configured with text files, quick to set up and easy to modify. It grew from there.

Bunch has expanded a lot. It can serve as a full context switcher, and handle just about everything you’d want to automate when starting a new context (see the Syntax Summary for an overview of all the stuff I’ve added).