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Organizing With Tags

You can add tags: frontmatter to a Bunch for organization and batch operations.

title: My Tagged Bunch
tags: tag1, tag2

These tags generate a submenu. In the example above, you would now see a new Tags menu item in the Bunch menu, containing tag1 and tag2 submenus. The tagged Bunch would show up in each of the menus, along with any other Bunches containing that menu’s tag.

You can also apply frontmatter keys to all Bunches with a given tag using @tagname.frontmatter files.

From within a Bunch, you can use a backslash to operate on tagged Bunches. To open all Bunches tagged with “tag1”, you would include \tag1 on a Bunch line.

title: Launching other Bunches


Multiple tags can be combined. Combining with a comma produces an OR boolean, so \tag1,tag2 will launch any Bunches containing either tag1 or tag2. Use a plus sign to combine with AND, so \tag1+tag2 will only launch Bunches tagged with both tag1 and tag2.

You can close tagged Bunches with !\tagname. You can also launch tagged Bunches when closing the parent Bunch using !!\tagname.

Be aware that if you call a \tag command from within a Bunch containing that tag, that Bunch will also be affected. Be cautious as results can be unpredictable if Bunches calling Bunches get nested too deeply.