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Key Changes in Bunch 1.4

Menu Bar Only
Bunch is now a menu bar application, no more Dock mode
Visual Stuff
New Preference Pane. It’s pretty.
Keyboard Stuff
Assign a global keyboard shortcut for opening Bunch menu in menu bar mode
Assign keyboard shortcuts for each Bunch using shortcut: frontmatter
More keyboard shortcuts for internal commands
Vastly extend the capabilities of a Bunch with metadata at the top of a Bunch file
Set a custom display title for any Bunch
Curate the menu order
schedule execution days and times
Create arbitrary variables for use in logic and scripting, and more
Bunches can be organized in subfolders, which will create submenus in the main Bunch menu
Speed Stuff
Option to execute Bunch items in parallel for faster execution of Bunches
Dialog Stuff
Add interactivity with multiple-choice dialogs and snippet branching
You can also assign variables on the fly using dialogs (text input, select dialog)
Debugging Stuff
A Bunch Log with customizable log levels
Snippet Stuff
« Embedded snippets
Indent snippets 4 spaces/1 tab to have them wait for all apps in the Bunch to launch or quit
Snippets can have a delay and run on close
Command Stuff
New commands like log, sleep, notify, stay awake, audio, input source, screen, and more.
Use the (display) command to create Single Site Browsers, tail log files, or display any file in a customizable window
Shell Script Stuff
Improved shell script parsing and execution
Task monitors for shell scripts launched by a Bunch
Spotlight Stuff
Full Spotlight search
Tag search for files to open
Launch files in their default app by using “Default” as app name
Variable Stuff
Use ${variables} inside of Bunches (like you would in Snippets), populated by frontmatter keys or manually when calling a Bunch from a Bunch. Documentation
Set variables with script results
Allow global variable assignments that persist across launches and are available in all Bunches
Variable placeholders allow default values and built-in transforms (url encode, raw newlines, etc.)
Super Nerdy Stuff
If/Else logic parsing
More Stuff
“New Bunch With Open Apps” command
Syntax for opening Finder windows in tabs
Complete rewrite of keystroke functionality for macOS 10.15+
  • Repeating syntax for key commands {@n (right)10}
  • You can now type strings within key combo syntax by surrounding with double quotes, e.g. {@n (tab)3 "typing an email\\n\\n-Brett" @$d}
Command-Click a Bunch in the menu to open it in your editor of choice
New formats for comments, // and block comments /* ... */
Expanded AppleScript dictionary